Frequently Asked Questions


Here, you'll find concise answers to key questions, helping you gain a deeper understanding of our products and how they can enhance your wellness journey.

1. How does the display refrigerator juicer keep fruits and veggies cool? Our display refrigerator juicer features innovative cooling technology that maintains an optimal temperature for fruits and vegetables. This ensures that your ingredients stay fresh and vibrant, preserving their nutritional value until they’re juiced before your eyes.

2. What sets My Vitamin Bar juicers apart from others on the market? My Vitamin Bar juicers stand out due to our relentless commitment to innovation. Since 2013, we’ve continuously invested in research and development to perfect our advanced juicing technologies. This dedication, combined with our focus on user-friendly design and exceptional customer support, makes us a leader in the industry.

3. How does the automatic inner surface washing work? After each juicing session of just 7 seconds, a simple press of a button initiates the automatic inner surface washing. Clean water flows through the juicer’s inner components, thoroughly cleaning them without altering the taste of the next juice. This feature eliminates the risk of allergies and ensures a seamless juicing experience all day long.

4. Can I juice fruits with hard skin or large pits in My Vitamin Bar juicers? While My Vitamin Bar juicers can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, it’s recommended to remove hard skin (e.g., orange, pineapple) or large pits (e.g., peaches) before juicing. This ensures optimal performance and prevents any potential damage to the juicer.

5. How user-friendly is the disassembly and reassembly process for maintenance? My Vitamin Bar juicers are designed with user convenience in mind. All parts and spare parts can be easily disassembled and reassembled without any difficulty. In the rare event of a problem, our thoughtful design ensures that complex and time-consuming procedures are avoided, minimizing downtime and repair costs