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Our expertly designed juicers blend technology with nature, creating an exquisite symphony of flavors and nutrients in every sip. Indulge in the vibrant taste of health as we bring you a selection of rejuvenating juices, freshly extracted and bursting with vitality.

Effortless Juicing

No Cutting or Peeling Required – Exceptional Juicing Made Easy.

Hygienic Excellence

Experience Flawless Juicing with Our Self-Cleaning System.

Fruit Compatibility

From Soft Skins to Hard Shells – Our Juicers Handle a Variety of Fruits.

fast & convenient

With a press of a button, your juice is ready in just 7 seconds.

My Vitamin Bar

Discover the Perfect Blend of Innovation and Health with Our Professional Juicers

Welcome to My Vitamin Bar, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the abundant gifts of nature. Established in 2013, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way you experience health and vitality. Our journey is defined by a harmonious blend of innovation, dedication, and a deep-rooted respect for the wonders of nature.

Our team of experts was driven by a passion for excellence. With a wealth of experience, we meticulously designed and created professional juicers that redefined the art of juicing.


Supermarkets & Greengrocer’s

Efficiently manage your daily fruit and vegetable inventory, transforming them into the freshest, most natural juices. This not only cultivates an additional revenue source but also delights your patrons with the experience of witnessing the creation of freshly squeezed juices, right before their very eyes!


Capitalizing on the burgeoning consumer desire for wholesome nourishment, provide your clientele with the opportunity to savor the utmost in health and nutrition. Unveil a new avenue of revenue for your business while delivering a truly enriching juice experience.

For your company

Empower your employees' daily lives with our juicers, seamlessly integrating healthy eating habits. This positively influences their health, mental acuity, overall well-being, and, ultimately, their productivity. It stands as the paramount solution for forward-looking businesses committed to nurturing their human capital.

Other customer categories

Why My Vitamin Bar

My Vitamin Bar is your ultimate destination for a transformative juicing journey. Delve into the exceptional features that set our products apart and elevate your juicing experience to new heights

Instant Freshness

Our display refrigerator juicers keep your selection of fruits and vegetables cool while you relish the juice of your choice.

Technological Excellence

Our unwavering commitment to innovation drives us to create technologically impeccable juicers.

Unmatched Customer Support

we offer comprehensive telephone technical support. Additionally, we maintain a perpetual stock of spare parts.


Immerse yourself in a visual journey that showcases the freshness, innovation, and vibrancy that define our professional juicers.

Client Success Stories

A testament to the My Vitamin Bar experience straight from the words of our valued customers.
Sophia H
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Incorporating My VitaminBar juicers into our restaurant has been a game-changer. The versatility to create fresh and nutritious juices on demand has allowed us to cater to health-conscious diners. Our patrons rave about the vibrant flavors, and our sales have seen a healthy boost too!
Emily C
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My VitaminBar juicers have seamlessly aligned with our values. Offering post-workout juices packed with essential nutrients has not only boosted member satisfaction but also contributed to a healthier community within our gym.
Michael S
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Our catering business thrives on delivering exquisite experiences, and My VitaminBar juicers have been an invaluable addition. The ability to craft customized juice blends for events has added a touch of freshness and innovation to our offerings. Clients love the personalized touch!
David M
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My VitaminBar juicers have transformed our greengrocer's offerings. We now offer freshly squeezed juices made from our own produce, creating a unique and appealing selling point. Our customers appreciate the farm-to-glass experience, and it's set us apart from the competition.

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