Vitamini ULTRA – With Autonomous Water Tank 10lt

VITAMINI is a unique self washing desktop juicer specially designed which requires a very small space for installation such as caffes, restaurants, bar, hotels offices, gyms etc.

Available colors

White, Black, Green, Orange

Juicing in just 7"

Internal automatic washing system

Fully modular

100% fruit and vegetable juicing

Low maintenance required - less than 10' daily

Plug and play

0% losses

Robustness. Design.

User friendly


Width 27cm
Depth 48cm
Height 40cm
Depth with base and jar provided 15cm
Net weight in kgr 24
The jar provided can be also used for drainage purposes.




Each product has two years warranty and is always accompanied with operation, cleaning and maintenance manual.

Delivery Time

Our products are being manufactured when order is being placed. The average manufacturing time is 20 days. Of course, the delivery times can be modified.

Get in contact with us for confirmation and any stock/inventory.

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